How do I reset my password for the customer portal?

To access your documents as a remote user at any time, an Epic River Account must be set up. This article and following video (00:02:00) will cover how to recover the password for this account.

  1. If you forgot your password for the customer portal login, go to
  2. Click "Forgot Password".                               
  3. Enter email address.                                             
  4. An email with the subject line, "Password Reset Request" will be sent. 
  5. Click on "Reset Password"
  6. Set Password. 
  7. Your login has now been updated. 

For continued help on the contents of the remote portal, go to "Using the customer portal dashboard"

For continued help on how to set up a password without an email prompt, go to "How do I register for the customer portal without an email prompt?"