Using the customer portal dashboard

To access your documents as a remote user at any time, an Epic River Account must be set up. This article and following video (00:00:47) will show how to manage outstanding transactions and view completed documents.

  1. After logging into the customer portal, the below dashboard will appear.
  2. The "Needs Review" tab will contain any transactions that have not been completed. 
  3. To complete a transaction, click on "continue" next to the transaction.   
  4. Click on "Continue" again.
  5. Complete the transaction with the remote signer process. 
  6. To go back to the dashboard, click on the menu in the top left and click "Dashboard".
  7. To view completed documents, click on the "Completed" tab.
  8. Click on "Complete" next to the transaction.         
  9. Use "View" to view the completed document directly within the portal. Use "Download" to download the document into a PDF to be saved. Use "Download All Files" to download all documents into PDF's into a zip file.

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