Remote Signing Process

This article will cover the step-by-step process on how signer(s) will access and eSign their documents remotely.

Once the financial institution finalizes their transaction, the recipient(s) on the transaction will receive an email notification from the Platform/ProSign Online and be prompted to Access Documents for remote eSigning.

The steps below will be in the point of view of a customer receiving documents from the email notification and process of completing their documents for remote signing.

1.) The recipient will open the Email Notification with the subject line of Documents Available from [Financial Institution Name]

  • Anywhere in the screenshot below that says "Epic River Demo Account" will be the Financial Institution's Name.
  • Where the Epic River Logo, the financial institution's logo will be in the respective area of the template.
  • The email notification will always be addressed to the specific recipient signer (if there are multiple signers on a transaction).

Customer Email View_NoEmailNote-png

2.) The recipient will click Access Document from the email notification and a new window will open to being the signing ceremony.

The next few screenshots will show each step the signer will follow:

3.) Verify Your Identity - The signer will confirm their identity with the verification method that was set by the financial institution. This example shows the SMS verification method.

Please visit the associated articles in our knowledge base under the Remote eSigning - Customer ID Verification Process section for the different types of ID verification methods that a signer will experience.


4.) Create Signatures - The signer will now create their signature and initials with a few options to choose from:

  • Choose Option - if enabled by the financial institution, the signer will be able to choose from a list of printed font options for electronic signing.
  • Draw - the signer will be able to create their signature and initials on their own.
      - If the signer is on a computer/laptop with no touchscreen capabilities, they can attempt to draw their signature and initials with their mouse.
      - If the signer is using a mobile device and has touchscreen functionalities, they can draw their signature and initials with on the touchscreen of the device.
  • Text to Sign - the signer can choose create their signature and initials by sending a text message of a link to create their signature and initials by using their touchscreen mobile device.
5.) Consent for Remote Electronic Signing - The signer will scroll to the bottom of the page to apply their signature to the Electronic Consent Form.
  • Signing this document ensures compliance with the UETA and ESIGN Act. By signing this document, the signer is stating that they agree to electronically review and sign their documents.

Please note that the electronic consent form for remote signing is required by all signers, and is associated with the respective signer.

The financial institution may require signers to re-sign this document if the signer will sign new documents through the Platform/ProSign Online at a later date or from a future associated transaction. 


Please note that there MAYBE a step called Review Documents after the customer has signed the Consent form. The Review step requires the customer to review all documents in their package before actually signing.

This article on How to Review Documents Prior to Signing will discuss this process.

6.) Signing & Saving - the signer will now go through each document(s) sent by the financial institution and applying their signatures, initials, and/or enter in any entry fields during the signing session. Once all document(s) are completed they will then be prompted to save their progress.

Please note there may be additional steps after documents are electronically signed:

1. Customers may have to Print & Sign documents where they will have to download the document(s), print the document(s), wet sign the downloaded document(s), and then upload the signed documents back into the signing session portal.

Please see our article on How to Print and Sign Documents for more information.

2. Customers may be asked to upload supporting documents requested by the financial institution i.e. Tax Returns, Proof of Insurance, Photo of ID, etc.

Please see our article on How to Upload Requested Documents for more information.

7.) Complete Page - the signer has completed their document signing. From this page, the signer is now able to view/download all their documents located under the Your Documents section to the right hand side, and logout from the system.

Additional Notes

  • Once all signer(s) on a transaction completes their signing of documents, an email notification will be triggered by the system that they will have access to the final copies of each document(s).
  • Signers who created an Epic River eSign Portal account, will be able to login through the portal and locate their completed documents within their dashboard.
  • On the Financial Institution Side - if the financial institution user is managing any associated transactions, they will receive status email notifications on the associated transaction.
    • i.e. When a documents have been completed by an individual for a transaction, when a transaction is completed by all signers, any locked out situations, etc.