How to Upload Requested Documents

This article will review how to upload requested documents during a signing session.

During the Remote Signing Ceremony, if the financial institution requests supporting documents to be uploaded by their customer, the steps below will be in the point of view of how a customer will upload their supporting documents during the signing ceremony.


From our article on the Remote Signing Process, this article will show the Customer Request section after Step 6.

How Will Customer(s) Know That They Will Upload Requested Documents

Within the email notification that the customers receive, there is a section where they will be prompted to upload the following document requests by the financial institution.

Customer Email View_CustomerRequest1

After Steps 6 from the Remote Signing Process

1.) After eSigning documents, the customer will be prompted to upload their required documents.

2.) Click the Upload your file button and there will be options where the customer can:

  • Click to choose a file from their desktop browser
  • Drag and drop their files from their file folder (if on a desktop)
  • Connect to their cloud storage provider to upload their save files from their cloud storage


By default all document requests are required by the customer to upload. There maybe some cases where a customer request may be optional.

Please be aware of the (optional) text next to the request name.

3.) Once all requests have been fulfilled, the customer has now completed the document request section.


View Document  - Allows the customer to view the document they had uploaded.

Start Over - Allows the customer to re-upload the request.

Add Similar Document - If additional documentation needs to be uploaded under the request type, this will allow the customer upload those additions. 

Additional Notes

  • If completing this process from a smartphone or tablet, there is a camera button that will appear and can be used to take a picture of the document.
  • If the customer is not ready to complete the customer request section and/or they are timed out of the signing portal session, please advise the customer to locate the initial email notification and click Access Documents and they will be brought back to the Customer Request section to complete their task.