How to Print and Sign Documents

This article will go over how to complete documents that require a wet signature.

During the Remote Signing Ceremony, customers may be required to sign documents electronically and wet signed in their delivered document package.

Customers will first electronically sign documents that were set up as eSign documents, then be prompted to Print & Sign documents for the remaining documents that require a wet signature.

From our article on the Remote Signing Process, this article will show the Print & Sign section after Step 6.

After Steps 6 from the Remote Signing Process

After eSigning document(s), the customer will now be prompted to download the document(s), print the document(s), wet sign the downloaded document(s), and then upload the signed documents back into the signing session portal.

Please note that customers will need access to a printer & scanner to print their documents and scanned the signed documents for uploading.

1.) All document(s) that require a wet signature will be listed in this section.

2.) Click on the Click here to download the print and sign Document for each document.

PrintSign-Download3.) Locate all the downloaded document(s) saved to your downloaded location. Open all document(s) and print to sign.


4.) Once the document(s) are signed, the customer will need to scan the document(s) back to their desktop or a location they will be able to file their file to upload into the signing session.

5.) From the signing portal, upload document(s) to the respective document name to complete this section.




Additional Notes

  • If the customer is not ready to complete the Print & Sign section and/or they are timed out of the signing portal session, please advise the customer to locate the initial email notification and click Access Documents and they will be brought back to the Print & Sign section to complete their task.