How do I create my electronic signature and initial?

This article will show you the three different ways a signature can be created in the signing process.

Option 1: Choose

If your financial institution allows printed font options, signers can choose from the listed printed fonts of their signature and initials.


Option 2: Draw

If your financial institution requires a real signature and initials, signers will be able to draw out their electronic signature and initials from the screen.

For remote e-Signing

  • If on a mobile device, signers can use the touchscreen of their cell phone and/or tablet to create their signature and initials.
  • If on a desktop computer or laptop, signers will be able to use their mouse to create their signature and initials.

For in person e-Signing

  • The financial institution may have available signature pads to create and draw 


Option 3: Text to Sign

An alternative to draw your electronic signature and initials is choosing the Text to Sign option. The signer will enter their mobile phone number and follow the instructions from the text message they will receive.

For further instructions on the Text to Sign option, please view our article How do I use the Text To Sign option to create my electronic signature & initials?


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