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Export to separate directories using Indexing Type Code

This article explains how to setup the ProSign export so that specific transactions are exported to their own separate directories on the OpenPath server.

1) Login to LaserPro

2) Create or Recall an Existing transaction

3) Select Go To > Reporting Data > Classication Data


4) Select Optional Data


5) Enter the desired code into the Indexing Type Code field (In my example I want to separate DepostPro and LaserPro transactions upon Export)


6) Click Done when finished


7) Complete the Transaction and then File > Print Forms >  Document Selection > Destination eSign Export to send the transaction to ProSign Online


8) Find the transaction in ProSign Online and click Edit in the top right


9) The Indexing Type Code we just set in LaserPro should display in the Indexing Type Code field (Please Note if you don't want to add the code in LaserPro or DepositPro you can enter it in ProSign by following Steps 8 and 9 and enter in the code manually)


10) Contact Epic River Support to add the code you'd like along with the corresponding directory name so we can enter that in your Export Template


11) Once the Transaction is completely signed the transaction will export to the desired sub-directory in the following location on your OpenPath server

\Program Files (x86)\DH\OpenPath\ProSignOnline\TransactionExports